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Our Team

Training wildlife managers in CAR
Training wildlife managers from Central African Republic (CAR)

The Connected Conservation group is an interdisciplinary team of highly skilled professionals that focuses on environmental and social issues and processes. Our team works hand in hand with governments, NGOs, the private sector and communities to achieve sustainable natural resource management, by providing technical expertise, sharing knowledge and facilitating equitable development.

Connected Conservation specializes on delivering a diverse range of skills on wildlife management, tourism, small business development, policy review and development as well as natural resource management.

Our primary team has a combined 70 years of practical experience and comprises:

Loki Osborn
Loki has more than twenty years of field experience studying wildlife ecology and management and managing field based conservation projects. He consultants on human wildlife conflict and protected area management with experience in the savannas and woodlands of east and southern Africa and the forests of West Africa and Asia. Heads up "Connected Conservation", which is a consultancy firm set up to manage bids and the administration of contracts for a team of Africa-based consultants. CC is specifically interested in helping communities mitigate conflict with wildlife and advises projects, government authorities and businesses.

Mike La Grange
Mike has worked in "problem animal control", game capture and a number of other wildlife related activities for decades. He has developed many practical solutions to conflict with a range of species including elephants, lions, primates, crocodiles and hippos. He has conducted many consultancies on behalf of organizations such as the Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN and the World Wildlife Fund and has been working with communities in the KAZA region since 2000.

Malvern Karidozo
Malvern has been working on Human Wildlife Conflict (HWC) issues for the past 10 years, particularly experimenting and implementation of conflict mitigation programmes that include the use of chilli, community guarding, bees and many other non-lethal wildlife deterrent measures. He has trained wildlife managers from different countries in Africa and Asia on Human Elephant Conflict (HEC) mitigation using several course materials including the African Elephant Specialist Group (AfESG) certified training course.