Conserving wildlife, enhancing livelihoods in areas of human-wildlife conflict

Connected Conservation strives to assist communities in conflict with wildlife through data driven solutions.

An example of our work

  • Pioneered the concept of community-based conflict mitigation (CBCM) and human-wildlife conflict mitigation using a suite of methods developed over decades of practical field experience.
  • Provided technical advice and training to institutions and individual projects managing human-wildlife conflicts in Africa and Asia.
  • Participated extensively in the development of the KAZA TFCA Integrated Development Plan (IDP) as well as being consulted widely (on human-wildlife conflict) during the KAZA TFCA pre-feasibility study.
  • Roll out of human-wildlife studies and manuals to address conflict with all wildlife species in the KAZA TFCA.
  • Undertaken institutional analysis and are currently running long term monitoring programmes on the management of such conflicts in several countries.

Who we are

We have extensive and diverse experience in human-wildlife management and coexistence strategies, including GIS and remote sensing, environmental impact assessments, project management, monitoring and evaluation, policy reviews, training needs assessment, project communications as well as tourism and micro-scale business development.


Our consultants have a wide range of experience.  For example, we have prepared an elephant management plan for the Akagera National Park in Rwanda, conducted numerous wildlife capture and release programs around the continent, assisted the governments of Vietnam and Laos develop a joint management approach for their remaining elephant population as well as publishing a number of papers in peer-reviewed journals, books and manuals.

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